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Client: JDP Fitness


We were given an open brief to produce a promo video for the new website of a private city gym as part of an online marketing campaign. Having met with the client and learning more about the services they offer and what makes their approach unique, we set about creating a treatment comprising a visual treatment and mood film. This allowed us to communicate clearly with the client and enabled us the refine the creative brief effectively.


With the treatment agreed upon we then had a location shoot in the gym and then another shoot in studio to capture the more conceptual shots, which was a nice juxtaposition and set the video apart from others. Several days of editing and VFX work followed, including extensive motion graphic work on shot and found footage. Within a day of publicising the video on Facebook they accrued over 7k views to a very specific demographic which was very much considered a success by the client.


We supplemented this content with several mini-films of 10/15 secs of re-edited video to further expand the reach of the campaign rollout, bringing total views well beyond 10k in the first week. The main objective being a website video, this was a great addition to the overall marketing campaign.


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