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Client: House of Absolute


Garth Thomas is a freelance camera operator and editor with a particular focus and interest in

music and dance.


When approached by the dance company House of Absolute to produce a promo video, his deep

knowledge and understanding of dance really drew the best from the client. The shoot was simple

in design but very technical in execution for those both sides of the camera.



Shot against white on an FS700 with the Odyssey 7Q, its monitoring capabilities allowed for very

accurate and assured consistency in filming. Several layers of footage were at times composited

with each other as a form of set extension, and white is a deceptively unforgiving backdrop to film

against at times. With so many performers to consider too, these logistics were a choreography of

their own to maintain while also considering the energy and spontaneity of the performances. But

needless to say, the challenges were considered and overcome and is very evident in the final



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