Greenaway & Greenaway

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Client: Yellow Machines


Greenaway & Greenaway was established in 2009. Brothers Jude and Jolyon work collaboratively

through a variety of creative disciplines creating artistic and commercial work that allows for the

exploration between the audio and visual arts.  Their work has seen them take commissions from a

hugely diverse range of clients from the Pet Shop Boys to Ron Arad, The Round House and Fiat.

Their unique skill set allows them to move freely between sound and vision, crafting work that is

constantly pushing the boundaries of expression in both mediums.


This music video for Anodyne was inspired by experimental technology & design and futuristic

sounds. It was further inspired by the production team’s reactive approach to production.

Identifying the potential of the studio’s own design which complimented the project’s aesthetic

rather than the intended pure black backdrop meant they had to quickly tweak some plans to

capitalise on this, but the results speak for themselves. This gave them a great foundation on

which they expanded upon wonderfully in post production with set extensions, the combination of

in-camera and post effects again a winning formula.


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