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Client: Sky Arts


The Brewery is a Visual Effects and Animation company based in Soho, working on film, tv and

music videos.


The Brewery’s excellent reputation for both technical quality and creative integrity led them to work

on yet another ambitious project, this time supplying the VFX for The Chapman Brothers’ “The

Marriage of Reason and Squalor” for Sky Arts, which was released as both a mini series and also

a feature film for international release.


So how do you create surreal old school 80’s style footage of melting heads? This was a complex

shot with both stop motion animation of plastacine heads and 2d compositing. The 2 day shoot

involved a substantial amount of blood and patience required to meticulously capture this shot.

Using DSLRs they shot each frame of their model against green screen, using a chroma plinth and

chroma green card as their backdrop, reducing spill and making light work of the compositing to

follow. The animation shot at Chromacode was then worked on at The Brewery VFX to achieve the

final composited shot.


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